The Healthcare Paradigm Shift – From the Top Down

Where We Are Going There are innumerable alleged reasons for the out of control cost of health care ranging from over paid physicians and specialists to the simple concept of “with innovation comes cost”. According to the Centers…

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Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey

Along with positive behavior change from the participants in CDHPs comes significant premium savings and more engaged consumers. The evidence below is reason enough to take a look at these plan designs as a way to control the…

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PPACA Compliance Checklist for Employers

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also referred to as health care reform, introduced several new laws and regulations that impact businesses of all sizes. The following health care reform checklist outlines some key PPACA compliance…

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3 New Health Account Rules from the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service is trying to explain just how cafeteria plans and health reimbursement arrangements affect whether a worker is getting access to “affordable” health coverage. The IRS rules could affect whether your employee has a legal right to shun employer…

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New Life Events Recognized by IRS

The Internal Revenue Service issued Notice 2014-55 which allows employers to amend their Section 125 plans to recognize several new change in status events. Effective immediately, an employer may treat both open enrollment and special enrollment for Marketplace…

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The 4 “P”s of Open Enrollment… No, panic is not one of them.

Written By: Krystal Clarkson, Director of Strategic Initiatives, P&B Live onnect: Okay, let out your big sigh and just know that you aren’t the only person who looks forward to the new year simply because it means…

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Top 3 Small Business Health Insurance Options for 2015

  It’s that time of year when small businesses are looking at health benefits for 2014 and evaluating options. During this renewal season, small businesses are in an interesting position. Small businesses with fewer than 50 employees are not…

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FSA Rule Change Drives Double Digit Growth

Last year’s change to the longstanding use-it-or-lose-it rule for flexible spending accounts is driving double-digit enrollment growth. This is something to consider when looking at your employee benefit plan design. Alegeus Technologies said this week that clients who have actively…

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Wear This – Wellness Programs

Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) — To fight rising medical costs, oil company BP last year offered Cory Slagle — a 260-pound former football lineman — an unusual way to trim $1,200 from his annual insurance bill. One option was…

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5 benefits of voluntary benefits

BY MARK ROBERTS The days of employer-paid benefits are disappearing faster than a snow cone in July—especially when you consider that most companies aren’t helping to offset the costs for much more than major medical and physician care for…

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